1. Our Company

We are a French start-up composed of 3 French partners, who combine more than 4 years of previous working experience in the Chinese wine industry and online startup projects. We are currently willing to create a new company selling foreign red wine, mostly online.

Since the market trends are evolving really fast and the competition make it hard for new comers, we want to focus only in one segment which has been increasing from 30% last year in term of volume: the 375ml bottle format (half size bottle).

2. Our Project

Our mission is to become a trend-leader in the distribution of 375ml bottles in China.
To achieve this goal, we’ll use an original way to sell our products:

• Our offer will only be distributed by pack of 2, 3 and 6 bottles, each of them with different type of foreign wine, mostly from France, Italy, Australia & Chile.

• We want to make each of these packs with a different thematic orientation. We’ll play with wine features and country o


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