We want to improve our game design to fit our target users (current design on video: [URL visible seulement pour les graphistes qui répondent à l'annonce]):
* A reassuring and cocooning design adapted to mothers state of mind * after a childbirth: “winter” colors for example, …
* Users must have fun with the game and the design
* The game has to address the issue of incontinence which is harsh and impopular. To achieve this the desigin has to turn this issue

We would like the game be more animated that it is at the moment. For example:
* Success animations: when the user gets a coin, the coin or the avatar could be animated to illustrate that the user is going well
* Score animation

The design must be:
* Feminine but not girly (“Hello kitty” or “Barbie”)
* Beautiful but simple
* Uncluttered but not overloaded
* Modern
* Professional

Two screens to design:
● Game screen : Background, Avatar, Coin, Score, Obstacle, Buttons (pause/play,quit)
● Score screen : Background, Score


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