I have built a website using CodeIgniter + HTML5 + CSS + MySQL. A little bit of JQuery is also used in a very minimal way.

My client would like to have an improved version of the the UI and UX, with particular attention to the colour schemes.

I have included 1 screen for the purpose of information.

What I need

I would like to hire someone who can help me with the following:
1. Create a suitable design to make the site more appealing. No server-side code involved.
2. Make for a better UX by working on the colours and UI components.

What you must do

1. Pick any of the pages and show me your version of the page. I'm not interested in actual code at this point. The bid is for the design only. I provide you my current html + css pages.

2. The colours and shading/gradients must be easy to produce using CSS.

3. The page must be aesthetically suitable for scaling across Mobile and Large screens.

4. Give an explanation of why your page design is better than mine.

  • Délai demandé : Urgent (1 à 3 jours)
  • Profil client : Très petite entreprise
  • Webdesigner freelance
  • TREVOUX (France)
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  • Publiée le 26 mai 2016 à 13:54


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